The Terminal Velocity Of Snowflakes

Hear some of the score I wrote for the 5* play - never before released!

Summer 2019 Finally uploaded some snippets from Snowflakes

2019 A bit of downtime to make my own music for a bit!

2018 Live Theatre's Christmas Crackers

Late 2016 - Late 2017 The Terminal Velocity Of Snowflakes run 1 & 2

"The score may be the most sinister application of folk music since The Wicker Man." - The Guardian omg omg [Read More]

2016 In spring 2016 I was commissioned by the Live Theatre to work on their summer event The Savage - a dramatisation of the book by David Almond (known for Skellig). Read more about it here

2015 I’ve been finishing a collection of fun tracks I started in 2013 for the NaSoAlMo project - the result is Trigger, Happy and it’s available 16.10.2015 on Bandcamp. I’m quite excited about it. Starting from the original demos, which you can hear in full here, the wonderful netlabel Relaxed Machinery grabbed me to release the completed work and it’s been great to work with those chaps. You can visit the rM page for the album here. This last year, I’ve also been working with the Live Theatre in Newcastle to compose some original music for their Live Lab productions, including Red Is The New Blue, a mixture of performance poetry and theatre about a one-way mission to Mars. The music will be available as a standalone release sometime, and You can hear some snippets and read more about it here.

I’ll have a part of the site dedicated to composition commissions very soon, but if you’re interested now, hit me up in my contact section.